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Here are your runway hair orders from Paris Haute Coutures inaugural fashion shows the wet look, scrapedback styles, 1980s color and romantic retro waves Chinese fashion designer Guo Pei went to t. Spotted at the Port Authority on Thursday afternoon Paris Hilton In the inevitable high heels and platinum coiffure, an hour and a half late, Ms Hilton strutted through the hall not of one of the u. Did you forget about Paris? Is there anyone who makes more headlines while The other way Thanks to her &quotCoiffure by Medussa,&quot and &quotclothes by the Marquis De Sade,&quot Shakira received a big thumbs d. And still on the subject of hair, according to Womens Wear Daily, the latest and the greatest showed up at the Palace nightclub in Paris, where fashion figures whipped up by German coiffeur Nachs. Meet the Candidates Now attention has refocused to the 36yearold celebrity candidate Ksenia Sobchak, Russias own Paris Hilton strong President for a strong country Sobchaks coiffure, her dre. Immediately after his assuming presidential office, I denounced Hollandes Petainism 8 Today, Mr Hollande claims to be of the Republic to better fight it and this inversion of values plunges the c. And from dozens of incharacter interviews &quotHandsome people attract other handsome people,&quot Merriweather once quipped, to the regal coiffure and handlebar mustaches enough to carry an album, and. Against the protests of surly agent Richard Ford Jason Statham, hilariously sending up his meathead persona, the Agency chief Allison Janney reluctantly agrees, though she forbids Susan to put her. Its January 2013 and the British activist, sporting a slick black tuxedo and a gelled coiffure, urges the House to accept the motion that the American Dream is a noble ethos to which all people shoul. Brunette until a few days ago, the reality TV star and entrepreneur behind the massively successful Kylie Cosmetics switched to a platinumblond coiffure with extralong extensions for her 21st birthd. Before then, the coiffure competition would only see about 10 contestants a year, but so far this year theyve had 35 photo submissions and Umbrich said they expect many more Conditions need to be ju.