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But which iconic coiffures have packed the biggest cultural punch I dont think she devised the style, but she capitalized on it and made it popular in the court, Stenn says The look was so d. It seems the tennis star most likely to compete with Serena Williams these days in terms of spiking media hits is the omnipresent Billie Jean King The 72yearold retired legend has campaigned ti. The latest tussle over who has legitimate claim to whats &quotsexy&quot in tresses came late Friday various trademarks using the word &quotsexy&quot for its own coiffure line In papers filed in US District Co. Many women with Afrotextured hair sleep with scarves and wraps to protect their twists or braids, and hair professionals often recommend that those with brittle hair wear a satin head covering to bed. The Afro therefore is not some kind of standard African hairstyle How would you know without uncoiling it how long a black persons hair is? One black persons coiffure will look very short. At the Lucky Strike Lanes in Miami, bodyguards were on hand to watch over a glass case that contained the locks of hair Bieber famously chopped off in February, as throngs of fans passed by to catch a. Bangkok Puddingbowl bobs and armytype cuts were for decades the only hairstyles allowed to be sported by Thai schoolchildren but now looser rules spell new freedom for classroom coiffures wit. One of the first black women to rock the big hair, dont care look, Patti has never been afraid to experiment with her tresses Check out some of her Patti rocked a short afro under some of her. The headscarf is a rite of passage for black girls that starts you on your own hair journey, said Kairo Courts, who was costume around the sides of her teenyweeny Afro Rainbow protects her cur. This is in part why Angela Davis Afro became iconic, why Beyonc&233s blond tresses are a signature of her look and why Nicki Minaj made a splash with a twirling carrousel of cottoncandy colored wigs. But when she was 15, she tried her hand at straightening her tresses see the same Afro on everyone I wanted to show how ones personality might be displayed through their hair The white actors. On the basketball court, Dennis Rodman was one of the best rebounders He also used to have long flowing hair but last year he ditched his signature tresses for a short, curly afro.