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Photos Instagramkerstipitre &amp Africanhairstyles Box braids have seen something of a resurgence Another massively versatile style, crochet braids can be undetectable weve often found oursel. The newest trend in natural protective hair styling is crochet braids, many women are opting for twists During the winter months, twists can be most effective when trying to protect the hair The. I couldnt teach the kid how to crochet Or punch leather Or braid a rug But I could show her how to scoop Or explain the difference between baking soda and baking powder one comes in a square. The finished pieces then would be sent to Cox who would fashion braids of denim to sew around the pieces Blanket Project are invited to use their time at the BogKIP to knit or crochet a 6inch squ. Braids, extensions, wigs and more arent just a way to conceal and protect natural strands, they also provide the opportunity for us to show off our creative flair in the ways we wear certain designs,. I was sick of box braids, crochet braids, crochet box braids, and twists And I definitely didnt want to damage my hair with yet another relaxer Plus, I had an arsenal of YouTube tutorials and produ. I specialize in braiding hair of all lengths and textures If you want extensions I can add those too If there is a braid style that you have been dying to try out just bring me a picture at your con. My hair was long so I rocked a ponytail most of my pregnancy oh but it wasnt just a simply ponytail it took me about 10 min to do that thing It had to be cutelol I also had one when I delivered I. Although most like to categorize braids as the primary type of protective look, the truth is there is so much more just take a quick scroll down your Instagram feed and the inspiration is there Popu.